Tripoli – Airport Developement, New Parallel RWY 09R/27L and TXW’s

Committente: Salini Costruttori

Periodo di Svolgimento: 2010

Opera Intervento:
Tripoli Airport Developement, New Parallel RWY 09R/27L and TXW's

Prestazioni professionali svolte:
Specialist support in writing of technical offer for tender

Importo dei lavori: € 170.000.000,00

Tripoli Airport (HLLT) Lybia

The specialist support on writing the technical offer for tender based on the project plans which shows the main intervention relates to the following infrastructures:

  • new parallel runway 09R/27L;
  • new parallel taxiway “V” over the whole runway length;
  • four threshold taxiways crossing with existing runway 09/27;
  • four rapid exit taxiways;
  • all the electrical works including power supply from new lighting vault to equipment;

airfield lighting system, and control and monitoring system;

  • the two electrical substations building works;
  • all the Navaids (ILS RWY09R, ILS RWY27L, VOR DME) and Meteo equipment

works including supply, installation and testing of the equipment and the associated civil and electrical works.

The civil works also include the necessary service roads, drainage system, utilities, concrete works, airfield marking and fencing.

The works are located partly within and partly beyond the boundaries of the Tripoli international airport, covering the southern portion of the maneuvering area.

In accordance with project plans, work has been divided up into the following macrophases:

  • PHASE 01 – relating to the execution of the majority of scheduled works.
  • PHASE 02 – relating to the construction of taxiways W1 and W2
  • PHASE 03 – relating to the construction of taxiways K3 and K4

The scheduled duration of the works in question is approximately 33 months, during the course of which works will be performed during routine day shifts as well as night-time shifts, the latter in particular for activities performed in the vicinity of operational flight infrastructures.