Tecno Engineering 2C is in possession of a Company Quality Management System conformed to the normative UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000 for “Design activities, Work Supervision, Safety Control of Civil Engineering Projects, duly specialized in the airport industry and qualified to design Instrument Flight procedures Validation of design activities carried out by third parties, in accordance with applicable regulation (EA34)”.The certificate of conformity was issued by RS CERT on 27.09.2019 with registration number 09RSC00904 / 002 / IT.Tecno Engineering 2C, namely TE2C, is amongst the very few approved European Organizations entitled to design Instrument Flight Procedures (IFP).The important recognition to TE2C has been awarded by ENAC, the Italian Civil Aviation Authority, in April 2012. TE2C designs IFPs relying on conventional ground-based navaids:

  • STAR – Standard Terminal Arrival Routes;
  • IAL – Instrument Approach and Landing Procedures;
  • SID – Standard Instrument Departures.

TE2C oversees the entire lifecycle of the Instrument Flight Procedure, encompassing the initial planning, the acquisition of data, the design activity, the procedure validation, its approval and publication.  Process also incorporates the periodic review of data, criteria and feed-back from operational implementation.

TE2C specializes in challenging and complex airspace environments by providing customized successful design.

All of our designs go through a rigorous quality checks and fully comply with the actual applicable standards while the highest levels of safety remain paramount.