Venezia – Enhancement Air Side Facilities

Committente: Gruppo SAVE S.p.a. Address: Viale G.Galilei 30/1 30173 Tessera (Venezia), Italy

Periodo di Svolgimento: 2013/2014

Opera Intervento:
Enhancement Air Side Facilities

Prestazioni professionali svolte:
Aeronautical Study, general preliminary design, working plan first lot.

Importo dei lavori: € 66,101,765,00 General Preliminary design

Venezia Tessera “Marco Polo” Airport, Italy (ICAO: LIPZ)

Venice – Tessera “Marco Polo” International Airport (IATA code: VCA, ICAO code: LIPZ) is located 8 km north of Venice in Tessera city. Due to the importance of Venice as a leisure destination it features flights to several European metropolitan areas as well as some seasonal long-haul routes. With 8,475,188 passengers in 2014, it remains the fifth busiest airport of Italy. For Venice International Airport TE2C carried out those works: Aeronautical analysis, Preliminary design, Detailed design (first lot), Working design (first lot).  With the aeronautical analysis, through a capacitive analysis e risk assessment, was identified the kind of intervention to comply with the expected future grow of the airport in terms of air traffic and diversification of aircraft’s typology.

A briefly description:


  • Enlargement of the main runway;
  • Realization of a new parallel taxiway;
  • Extension of the secondary runway;
  • Realization of new rapid exits and taxiways;
  • Realization of new Holding Bays;
  • Enlargement of the actual De-icing bay;
  • Apron enlargement

b) AGL (Airfield Ground Lighting system)

  • New plants for AGL Cat. II/III for the main runway and main taxiway;
  • New plants for AGL Cat. II/III for the new parallel taxiway;
  • New plants for AGL Cat. II/III for the new constructions (taxiway, apron, etc.)
  • Installation new PAPI units;
  • Determination of taxiing routes in low visibility conditions with ASMGS

(Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System).


  • New water removal system;
  • New rainwater treatment system