Trapani – Airport Masterplan

Committente: Airgest S.p.A. Address: Aeroporto di Trapani Birgi Contrada Birgi 91100 Trapani, Italy

Periodo di Svolgimento: 2010 – 2012

Opera Intervento:
Airport Masterplan

Prestazioni professionali svolte:
Financial plan, Airport Masterplan and Planning applications

Importo dei lavori: € 3,170,000,00

Trapani Birgi Airport “Vincenzo Florio” (ICAO: LICT)

The Temporary Experts Grouping, composed of PricewaterhouseCoopers Advisory S.p.A. and Tecno Engineering 2C S.r.l., was commissioned by Airgest S.p.A. in preparing the Financial plan, the Airport Master Plan and the Planning applications, as well as provide the support required to obtain the total management of the Airport.

During the Works Plan elaboration, the themes developed were:

1.The “business strategy”, with the illustration of the services offered by airport, the presentation of the estimated potential medium-long term demand (30 years from the year in which the program is drawn up ), related with the operational, territorial and infrastructural airport constraints and the indication of intervention strategies to meet the identified potential demand;

2.The “corporate and organizational structure”, defined  by the Company description, with the organizational set-up at the time of document preparation, and by the prevision of variation and functional reorganization strategies;

3.The “investment plan”, described by means of a brief report  as a summary  and several detailed data sheets accompanied by technical drawings;

4.The ” financial plan ” which presented the results of economic and financial analysis.

The Trapani Airport traffic evolution, in the five years before the study plan, was characterized by strong growth with increases higher than those of other national and regional airports, an increase of 30% average  in annual traffic between the 2005 and 2009 and doubled between 2008 and 2009, from 500,000 to 1 million passengers / year.
In 2015 with 1,586,028 passengers , it was confirmed the positive growth trend thanks to the opening of new national and international links in recent years.

The Levels of service in the starting point of the plan were assessed through an analysis of the consistency and capacity of airside and landside infrastructure , whereas Trapani passenger traffic is almost predominantly  “low cost” type (luggage mainly by hand, use the web check-in, etc.).

The analysis, carried out according to traffic in 2010, showed criticality in maintaining the required levels of service with a probable occurrence of congestion conditions.

As regards the air-side, evaluations were conducted on the capability of the aircraft apron referring to 2010 traffic, in order to obtain the number of stands required to ensure the correct traffic levels.

The verification of the airport system capacity with traffic levels expected to the different time thresholds , highlighted problems for which were necessary interventions to upgrade infrastructure and equipment (in some cases already insufficient compared to the levels of the starting traffic).

The conducted investigations however showed the presence of space and the possibility of its modifications, to be made within the existing public land area, configuring a substantial compatibility between the airport site and the expected growth.