Milano Linate – New Control Tower

Committente: ENAV – Ente Nazionale Assistenza al Volo S.p.A.

Periodo di Svolgimento: Oct. 2018 – Nov. 2019

Opera Intervento:
New Control Tower, Technical facilities and offices.

Prestazioni professionali svolte:
Preliminary and Final Design of the control tower.
Architectural and electrical design.

Importo dei lavori: € 12.354.674,45

Milano Linate Airport (ICAO: LIML)


The volume of the TWR is characterized by the double-inclined glass enclosure (0°and 10°) for the VCR and S-VCR top operating floors. The plant floor, below them, is instead characterized by a closure in panels of metal slats that allow permanent ventilation of the premises.

The stem, in reinforced concrete plastered, it is characterized by the grating with metal slats extended vertically along its entire height, which shields the ventilation openings of the smoke-proof filters of the intermediate floors. In this way, the effect due to the widening of the width of the stem is mitigated, consequent to the adaptation of the layout for fire-fighting purposes, vertically slimming the figure.

The glass closure of the S-VCR floor was set vertically; this is because, having increased the plan dimensions, its inclined setting would have excessively increased the surface on the VCR floor making the environment intended for operators dispersive.

Afterwards, the glass closure of the VCR floor is inclined 10° with a negative slope; the starting point of the inclination at the base is set to the width of the lower casing at the level of the flooring on the VCR floor; the upper covering edge is projecting.

Therefore, the architectural figure of the TWR is characterized as follows:

  • upper terminal with glass casing, corresponding to the operating levels of the VCR and S-VCR;
  • plant level with a metal grating slat enclosure, a mediating element between the upper terminal and the stem;
  • support frame in reinforced concrete plastered, characterized by the vertical strip in metal grating.