Napoli Capodichino – Modernization and Upgrade of the Air Side Infrastructures

Committente: GESAC S.p.a. Address: Aeroporto di Capodichino 80144 Napoli, Italy

Periodo di Svolgimento: 2013

Opera Intervento:
- Taxiway TS Rehabilitation, between Taxiway D and Taxiway E.
- Emergency maintenance of the Taxiway B

Prestazioni professionali svolte:
Preliminary, Final design and coordination for safety and health during design phase

Importo dei lavori: € 2.130.947,10

The scope of the work was the rehabilitation of the pavement of the Taxiway TS between the Taxiway D and the Taxiway E.

The starting point for the design was the study of the Pavement Management System and the results of a campaign surveys consisting of:


-DCP test;

-particle size analysis;

-plate load test;

-HWD test;

-georadar test.

From the results of the analysis was decided to do a deep rehabilitation of the pavement.


The initial condition of the pavement of the taxiway B didn’t need a rehabilitation. However, due to the works on the AGL, a superficial rehabilitation was designed.

The reabilitation consisted in two asphaltic layers.

-4cm wearing surface Bitumen modified type Hard;

-6cm binder course Bitumen modified type Hard;

On the milled surface was laid a glass fiber grid to reinforce the pavement and to avoid the resurgence of the existing fracture of the pavement.