Aosta – Air Side Facilities Enhancement

Committente: AVDA S.p.a. Address: Aeroporto 11020 Saint-Christophe (Aosta), Italy

Periodo di Svolgimento: 2008/2009

Opera Intervento:
Enhancement of the Air Side Facilities

Prestazioni professionali svolte:
TE2C carried out planning, design and works supervision of the whole airport rehabilitation and improvement project, by drawing master plan, feasibility studies, aviation compliance assessments, land use planning, environmental assessments, risk assessment studies, topography, preliminary, final and detailed design for airside facilities, navaids equipments siting, IFP design, works supervision as well as health and safety oversight.

Importo dei lavori: € 10,774502,67

The Aosta airport (LIMW), located at 1,850 ft and surrounded by high mountains, was inaugurated in 1959. It was a private strip serving to national sport aviation. In 1987, airfield facilities underwent some improvements addressed to handle commercial aviation. Albeit this first leap the “Corrado Gex” Aosta airport was still suffering two main limitations: daily operations only were permitted and a too short runway was preventing operations to regional aircrafts having more than 30-seats. Aosta Airport underwent a major renovation program to overcome former constraints. In 2004 Master plan, providing guidance to airport holder for a long term planning of the aerodrome’s facilities has been drawn up. In a first phase (2006-2008) runway has been extended to 1,500 m with consistent  rehabilitation of taxiway,  strips and safety areas (RESA). Package of Navaids (DVOR/DME, LLZ, GP, NDB) and a special approach lighting system have been installed. Non precision approach IFP, having a 5° steep approach descent gradient, was designed. In a second phase, started in 2008 and about to be accomplished, new passenger Terminal and apron enlargement have been designed.